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Below are some of the questions we are asked most often, as well as answers from Bath Renewal experts. Go ahead – ask your own question here >>

Why install an acrylic bathtub or tub liner, instead of removing my old tub?
Removing a bathtub is a complicated process that can damage flooring, walls and plumbing, rendering your bathroom unusable for days. Bath Renewal will install a beautiful new bathtub liner right over your old one and have your project complete in one day.

Is bathtub resurfacing or bathtub refinishing a good option?
While resurfacing or refinishing maybe a good cosmetic solution initially, painted-on finishes are not durable, must be carefully cleaned, and often need to be redone within two to five years. The objectionable repainting odor and required drying time are additional drawbacks with refinishing or repainting. A bathtub liner provides a long-lasting, efficient solution to revive your bathroom.

How is a new bathroom wall system installed?
The efficient one-piece seamless wall system is installed right over existing tiling, after the repair of any compromised areas to ensure a solid, secure base for your new tub surround or shower surround.

Will mold develop behind the new wall and under the new tub?
Our system seals and waterproofs the underlying area during installation. Since mold only grows in the presence of moisture, it is not an issue. To combat problems that may arise from any existing moisture, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces prior to installing the new tub and wall.

What is the life expectancy of a bathtub liner or shower?
The acrylic surfaces of our bathtub liners, showers, and walls have been developed to last indefinitely. Unlike porcelain, fiberglass or enamel surfaces, acrylic can be easily maintained with the application of a simple buffing compound. Since the material is colored all the way through, minor abrasions are not visible, and deeper scratches can be buffed out. Bathtub liners, showers, and walls can be kept looking brand new even after years of use.

What type of warranty is offered?
You can buy with confidence because our bath liners, shower liners, replacement baths, shower pans and accompanying wall surrounds come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.